WordPress plugins that use XML-RPC

Here are a few examples of WordPress plugins that use XML-RPC

  1. Jetpack by WordPress.com: Jetpack is a popular plugin offering features such as site statistics, social sharing, security, and performance enhancements. It utilizes XML-RPC to communicate with WordPress.com servers for features like remote publishing and managing Jetpack-related functionality.
  2. WooCommerce: WooCommerce is a widely used e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It uses XML-RPC to integrate with various external services and applications, including mobile apps, payment gateways, and inventory management systems.
  3. WordPress Mobile Apps: The official WordPress mobile apps for iOS and Android use XML-RPC to enable remote management of WordPress sites. They allow users to create and edit posts, moderate comments, and perform other administrative tasks directly from their mobile devices.
  4. BuddyPress: BuddyPress is a plugin that adds social networking functionality to WordPress sites. It utilizes XML-RPC for various features like remote messaging, activity streams, and profile updates.
  5. Akismet: Akismet is a popular spam filtering plugin for WordPress. It uses XML-RPC to communicate with the Akismet servers for spam detection and prevention.

These are just a few examples, and other plugins may utilize XML-RPC for specific functionalities or integrations. It’s essential to review the documentation and functionalities of your installed plugins to determine if they rely on XML-RPC.

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